The band (biography, discography)

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The band (biography, discography)

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From Sweden, Hellacopters are a garage band rock and hard rock band formed in the beginning by Nick Royale, Kenny Håkansson, Robert Eriksson and Dregen, current guitarist of Backyard Babies.

They formed in 1994 when the group together to record a single Psychout three cuts with the seal of Royale. The disk can reach 150 dollars now. He later signed a contract with White Jazz, and with this they released their debut album, "Supershitty To The Max" (1996), album that earned them a Grammy Award and was recorded in only 26 hours in the Sunlight Studios in Stockholm. Promoted the album with tours throughout Europe and in 1997 joined the group Boba Fett, pianist, with whom they recorded their second studio album, "Payin 'the Dues". The following tour included a series of concerts in Scandinavia with a Kiss, influential group for young Nick Royale.

The following year Dregen guitarist, he could no longer combine his time between The Hellacopters and Backyard Babies, left the band, while the remaining four members were headed to somewhere in Sweden to devote full attention to the third studio album, a disc eventually appear under the title "Big Rock".

Meanwhile, the band decided to take his rock'n'roll to USA, Australia and Japan, coinciding with the launch in USA in America "Supershitty ..." with the label Man's Ruin.

In early '99 Robert Dahlqvist joined the band replacing Dregen during a world tour that was supported by the launch in June "Big Rock", with White Jazz in Europe, plus the release in the fall of "Big Rock" and "Payin 'The Dues "by Sub Pop in the USA.

In March followed by full on various shows, after which the increasingly famous five entered the Polar studios in Stockholm to start the sessions of the album "High Visibility", his first release with a major label and an album in which his distinctive style and sound come to a stage of development than ever before.

Three years later, in 2002, the Hellacopters uncovered another disc appreciated by critics and public, which continued its evolution in the field of a rock classic, with attention to both the melodies and the arrangements and rhythmic basis, the album was titled "By the Grace of God".

In 2005 they took the disc "Rock and Roll is Dead", and in 2007 announced the publication of a final album and the subsequent breakup of the group after a tour of Europe.

A major influence for the group is the Proto-punk of MC5 and The Stooges, in addition to the Classic Rock Rolling Stones or The Faces, other bands that are a reference in his music are Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC / DC or Guns n 'Roses The "classic" hard rock.Se can see a clear evolution in the music of the band, their early records moved to a much more rock style of dirty, noisy, close to punk rock, in successive deliveries have been steadily advancing towards more classic style, which became more evident the influence of bands like Rolling Stones or Faces, with approaches to Boogie Rock at times, this influence is evident both in the rhythm guitars or piano arrangements, such as aesthetics of the band, which has room for a touch "retro" that is evident in the merchandising or the covers of his albums, not forgetting the influence of hard rock in the style of AC / DC or Guns n 'Roses printing the group to its subjects, all contribute to define the style of training.


Supershitty To The Max!

1. (Gotta Get Some Action) NOW!
2. 24 h Hell
3. Fire Fire Fire
4. Born Broke
5. Bore Me
6. It's Too Late (only on vinyl)
7. Tab
8. How Could I Care
9. Didn't Stop Us
10. Random Riot
11. Fake Baby
13. Such A Blast
14. Spock In My Rocket
JAZZ001 1st (vinyl press), 1 Jun 96
JAZZ001CD, 14 Jun 96
JAZZ001 2nd (vinyl press), 97
TFCK-87143 (CD), 21 Dec 97
JAZZ001 3rd (vinyl press), ?

Format: CD & LP
Info: 1st vinyl 500 clear. 2nd vinyl 1500 white (with anchor tattoo). 3rd vinyl black (Ozzy & anchor tattoo). Toy´s Factory (Japan) has "Bullet" as a bonus track.
Recording: Recorded during 26 hours in February 1996 at Sunlight Studio, Stockholm, Sweden.
Producer: Tomas Skogsberg.
Notes: "It's Too Late" is a New York Dolls cover. "Bullet" is a Misfits cover.

Payin´ The Dues

1. You Are Nothin´
2. Like No Other Man
3. Looking At Me
4. Riot On The Rocks
5. Hey!
6. City Slang (only on vinyl)
7. Soulseller
8. Where The Action Is
9. Twist Action
10. Colapso Nervioso
11. Psyched Out & Furious

JAZZ004 1st (vinyl press), 1 Oct 1997
JAZZ004 CD, 1 Oct 1997
TFCK-87142 (CD), 21 Dec 97
JAZZ004 2nd (vinyl press), ?
SP LP/CD 481, 19 Oct 99
JAZZ004 3rd (vinyl press), ?

Format: CD & LP
Info: 1st vinyl 2000 clear smokey, 2500 purple. 2nd vinyl ? black, 3rd vinyl ? black (not with embossed sleeve). Digipack CD limited 30,000. The Toys Factory has "Oh Yeah Allright! "as a bonus track.
Recording: Recorded in Feb 1997 at Sunlight Studio, Stockholm, Sweden.
Producer: The Hellacopters, Andrew Shit and Tomas Skogsberg
Notes: City Slang is a Sonic's Rendezvous Band cover.


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