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The band (biography, discography)

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Named after its bandleader, Danko Jones is a Canadian hard rock trio whose bluesy style is rooted in the tradition of Thin Lizzy and AC/DC and whose popularity in Western Europe compensates for their lack of recognition in the neighboring United States.
Comprised of band namesake Danko Jones (vocals/guitar), John Calabrese (aka JC; bass guitar), and Dan Cornelius (drums), the band was founded in Toronto, Canada, in 1996 and made its recording debut in 1998 with a five-track self-titled EP on Sonic Unyon. A follow-up EP on Sound King Records, My Love Is Bold (1999), garnered airplay on Canadian hard rock radio, setting the stage for I'm Alive and on Fire (2001), a 13-track compilation of the band's recording output from 1996 to 1999. Marking the beginning of Danko Jones' commerical ties to Europe, I'm Alive and on Fire was released in Europe by the Swedish label Bad Taste Records.
The band's full-length album debut, Born a Lion (2002), was their first major-label release, distributed in Canada by Universal Music Group; Bad Taste Records continued to release the band's music on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. We Sweat Blood followed in 2003 under the same arrangement.
For the band's next album, Sleep Is the Enemy (2006), they remained with Bad Taste Records in Europe yet switched from Universal to the independent label Aquarius Records in Candada. Never Too Loud followed in 2008 under the same arrangement. Recorded at Studio 606 in Los Angeles with Grammy Award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz, who credits include the Foo Fighters (One by One, 2002; In Your Honor, 2005) and Velvet Revolver (Contraband, 2004), Never Too Loud was Danko Jones' most commercially successful album to date in Europe, particularly in Germany, where it became a Top 40 hit.
(Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide)


I’m Alive And On Fire (2001)

1. Rock Shit Hot
2. Samuel Sin
3. Bounce
4. Sugar Chocolate
5. I’m Alive And On Fire
6. Mango Kid
7. Sex Change Shake
8. Cadillac
9. Dr. Evening
10. Too Much Trouble
11. New Woman
12. Womanbound
13. My Love Is Bold
Release Date 2001-03-26
“After two EP releases in North America, Canada’s hottest rock band are releasing their debut full-length in Europe! “I’m Alive And On Fire” contains 5 tracks from the “My Love Is Bold” EP, one song from the out of print self titled debut and another 7 tracks recorded around the same period!!”

Born A Lion (2002):

1. Play The Blues
2. Lovercall
3. Sound Of Love
4. Papa
5. Soul On Ice
6. Word Is Bond
7. Way To My Heart
8. Caramel City
9. Get Outta Town
10. Suicide Woman
11. Love Is Unkind
Release Date 2002-10-14
Produced By Bill Bell and Danko Jones. Engineered By Matt DeMatteo. 1-8 Mixed By Vic Florencia, 9-11 Mixed By Alfio Annibalini
Recorded at Presence Sound in Toronto. Mixed at Iguana Recording Studios. Mastered at Metalworks by Brett Zilahi
Additional Recording done at Soleil Studios
All photo’s by and artwork by
All Songs written and performed by Danko Jones
Additional Sounds: Bill Bell
Backing Vocals on ‘Love is Unkind’: Tara Maclean
Tara Maclean appears courtesy of Nettwerk.
Backing Vocals on ‘Caramel City’: Cantabile Chorale

We Sweat Blood (2003):

1. Forget My Name
2. Dance
3. I Love Living In The City
4. I Want You
5. Heartbreak’s A Blessing
6. Wait A Minute
7. Strut
8. Home To Hell
9. Hot Damn Woman
10. The Cross
11. Love Travel
12. We Sweat Blood
Release Date 2003-10-06
Produced by Matteo DeMatteo and Danko Jones
Recorded at Record High in Toronto, Canada
Engineered by Matteo DeMatteo
Mixed by Vic Florencia
Mixed at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Mastered by Henrik Jonsson
Mastered at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Artwork by Walse Custom Design
Photos by Jesper Lindgren
Backing Vocals on Strut by Dregen
Backing Vocals on “Wait a Minute” by Rosie Celano
Group vocals on “I love living in the City”, “Strut” by Rosie Celano, Helga
Rossi, Fionnuala Jamison, Melinn Chaban, Lionel Pedro, Dave Pedro and Paul Bozzi
Backing Vocals on “WE SWEAT BLOOD”, the band with Matteo

Sleep Is The Enemy (2006):

1. Sticky Situation
2. Baby Hates Me
3. Don’t Fall In Love
4. She’s Drugs
5. The Finger
6. First Date
7. Invisible
8. Natural Tan
9. When Will I See You
10. Time Heals Nothing
11. Sleep Is The Enemy
Release Date 2006-02-22
Produced by Matt DeMatteo.
Mixed by Vic Florencia. Engineered by Matt DeMatteo.
Recorded at Record High Productions in Toronto, Canada. Mixed at Phase One Studios in Toronto, Canada.
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York, USA.
Art direction by

Never Too Loud (2008):

1. Code Of The Road
2. City Streets
3. Still In High School
4. Take Me Home
5. Let’s Get Undressed
6. King Of Magazines
7. Forest For The Trees
8. Your Tears, My Smile
9. Something Better
10. Ravenous
11. Never Too Loud
Release Date 2008-02-27
Recorded at Studio 606 in Los Angeles, CA.
Produced by Nick Raskulinecz.
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound.
Art direction by Morgan Alfredsson.
All songs written and performed by Danko Jones.
Publishing by Danko Jones, Socan
Forest For The Trees features guest appearances by John Garcia (Kyuss / Hermano) and Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool, Goatsnake).

B-sides (2009):

1.The Rules
2.My Time Is Now
3.I Like To Ball
4-Never Again
5.My Problems (Are Your Problems Now)
7.Woogie Boogie
8.Sugar High
9.Ice Cold Angel
10.Choose Me
11.Big Bed
12.Sold My Soul
14.Fucked Up
15.First Date (edit)
17.Pump It Up
18.The Big Holdout
19.You Ruin The Day
20.Hit Song
21.The Return Of Jackie And Judy
22.Make A Move
23.Drop Your Man
24.Thinking Of You
25.R.I.P. RFTC
26.Peacock Stomp
27.Take Me Out On A Stretcherimg

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