The band (biography, discography)

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The band (biography, discography)

Post  Audioslava on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:56 pm


The group born in 1987 in the city of Nässjö, southern Sweden. In the beginning they were a glam-rock group but with a punk attitude near the end of the '70s.

The original lineup of singer Tobbe as, Dregen to a guitar, bassist Johan Blomqvist and drummer Peder Carlsson. After recording a first demo and play a few concerts, the group decided in 1989 to replace the singer and went into his place Nicke Borg. Then more and recorded 2 demos took to make his first national tour. Backyard Babies in 1991 released his first official album, the EP entitled "Something to Swallow." That year they played and the most important festival in Hultsfred Sweden, but it was not until 1994 when they recorded their first LP and the company did Megarock Records. The year 1995 acted for the music channel MTV Headbangers Ball on its agenda. Tambie'n opening act in 1995 made the group in Sweden Demolition 23 (then the band's classic Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe).

At the same time Dregen alongside Nick Anderson (then drummer of Entombed) are Hellacopters, with whom he edited "Suppershitty to the Max" a hard punk style, influenced by Dictators, MC5, New York Dolls, The Draft ... Hellacopters prevents Dregen ahead with the two bands and although he never dissolve Backyard Babies stay in 'Stand By'. In late 1997 Dregen out another album with Hellacopters "Payin 'the Dues", in which Dregen is voted best guitarist in Sweden and the band won the Swedish Grammy for best hard rock band.

That same year of 1997 with Backyard Babies playing in London and released an EP "Knockout!" Which shows that the band is heading towards punk. In February 1998, Backyard Babies exposes 'Total 13', an LP with 13 great songs that make a real masterpiece of hard-rock-punk. A few months after performing in Madrid Festimad decides to leave to focus on Hellacopters Backyard Babies, as the two bands begin to be too large to be simultaneous.

The year 2000-2001 was the opening act for AC / DC on his European tour in which items have to be his new LP "Making Enemies is Good" in 2001. A record that covers more stylistic variety than the previous two, more dynamic, but with heavy guitars, and more eclectic music, the topics include drugs, sex, or one's attitude and history of the group.

In 2003 published "Stockholm Syndrome", we can find contributions from Joey Ramone, Tyla, Danko Jones, Michael Monroe, members of The Dictators, L7, Turbonegro, The Dwarves, etc.. This album allowed the band won a Swedish Grammy. For 2006 show 'People Like People Like People Like Us "with an arguably more commercial sound, the disc defined themselves as more dynamic and more modulated sound.

His first self-titled album comes in 2008 knowing the simple "Fuck Off and Die" and "Degenerated"


Diesel & Power - (1994)

Diesel & Power CD/LP - 1994 (Megarock Records)

Studio: Matchtown
Producer: Mats B. Siltberg & Backyard Babies

1. Smell The Magic
2. Bad To The Bone
3. Strange Kind Of Attitude
4. Diesel & Power
5. Love
6. Wild Dog
7. Fly Like A Little...
8. Electric Suzy
9. Kickin´Up Dust
10. Should I Be Damned
11. Fill Up This Bad Machine
12. Heaven In Hell
13. Shame

Diesel & Power CD - 1999 (East/West Records Japan) Also includes bonus track: 14. Lies Digitally re-mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room.

Total 13 - (1998)

CD/LP/MC - 1998 (MVG Records/Coalition Recordings)

Studios: Sunlight, MNW, Decibel and MVG.
Producer: Thomas Skogsberg

1. Made Me Madman
2. UFO Romeo
3. Highlights
4. Get Dead
5. Look At You
6. Let´s Go To Hell
7. Spotlight The Sun
8. 8-Balled
9. Ghetto You
10. Subculture Hero
11. Bombed (Out Of My Mind)
12. Hey I´m Sorry
13. Robber Of Life

Japanese version CD-1998 (East/West Japan)
Includes bonus tracks:
14. Powderhead
15. Can´t Find The Door
16. Wireless Mind
17. Rocker (feat. Michael Monroe)

US CD/LP version-1999 (Scooch Pooch Records)
Includes bonus tracks:
14. Babylon (feat. Ginger)
15. Rocker (feat. Michael Monroe)

Digitally re-mastered by Leon Zervos at Masterdisk.

Making Enemies Is Good - (2001)

CD & Vinyl - 2001 (RCA / BMG)

Produced by Thomas Skogsberg & Backyard Babies
Studios: Great Linford Manor UK, First Take Studios & MVG Studios Stockholm.

1. I Love To Roll
2. Payback
3. Brand New Hate
4. Colours
5. Star War
6. The Clash
7. My Demonic Side
8. The Kids Are Right
9. Ex - Files
10. Heaven 2.9
11. Too Tough To Make Some Friends
12. Painkiller
13. Bigger W/A Trigger

Stockholm Syndrome - (2003)

CD – 2003 (BMG Sweden AB)
Produced, Recorded and Mixed By Joe Barresi.
Recorded At Studio 301, Stockholm.
Mixed At Larrabee Studios West, Los Angeles

1. Everybody Ready?!
2. Earn The Crown
3. A Song For The Outcast
4. Minus Celsius
5. Pigs For Swine
6. One Sound
7. Say When
8. Year By Year
9. Friends
10. Be Myself And I
11. You Tell Me You Love Me You Lie

People Like People Like People Like Us - (2006)

CD/LP 2006 RCA

01: People Like People Like People Like Us
02: Cockblocker Blues
03: Dysfunctional Proffesional
04: We Go A Long Way Back
05: Roads
06: Blitzkrieg Loveshock
07: The Mess Age (how Could I Be So wrong)
08: I Got Spades
09: Hold Em Down
10: Heroes & Heroines
11: You Cannot Win
12: Things To Do Before We Die

Backyard Babies - (2008)


01: Fuck Off And Die
02: Degenerated
03: Come Undone
04: Drool
05: Abandon
06: Voodoo Love Bow
07: Idiots
08: Ship
09: Nomadic
10: Back On The Juice
11: Where Were You
12: Zoe Is A Weirdo
13: Saved By The Bell

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Re: The band (biography, discography)

Post  Audioslava on Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:25 pm

Here's an interview from Fender with Dregen:
Dregen confirms there will be a next BYB album! But ... I'm really curious about what will he do before that!

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